Killer Women : The Female of the Species...

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Author: Richard Glyn Jones
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Meet history's most lethal women, in a collection of shocking tales of murder. From Aileen Wouornos, the first convicted serial killer, to the Empress poisoner of ancient Rome, these stories examine the motivations and acts of women who have turned to killing. Ma Baker, Lizzie Borden, Charlotte Corday, Ruth Ellis, Myra Hindley, Ruth Snyder and more... With cases taken from all over the world, this book examines the story of women who kill.

The case studies include:

  • Ruth Snyder, the last women to go to the electric chair.
  • The little girl who chopped up her parents with an axe.
  • The Australian teenagers who killed one of their mothers after a row.
  • The English multiple murderess who chopped up the bodies of the children and scattered them from a plane.
  • The French countess who may well be history's most prolific murderer.
  • The mother who hired an assassin to kill her daughter in law.
  • The teenager who poisoned her boyfriend rather than slit up with him.
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