Karaoke No More --The Real Story of the Beginnings of Westlife

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Author: Padraig Meehan
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The story of how six friends from Sligo became Westlife, a popular Irish boyband.This is the story of six friends in a country town who set out on an adventure with a group of people who shared their dreams. Half of the boys found cruel heartache.For the others an incredible fairytale was about to come true.They seemed to arrive overnight, shooting from obscurity to a platform where they were challenging the Beatles' record of number ones in Britain.But Westlife have far more interesting history than that.They emerged from a theatre and music scene in Sligo,where their band was once called IOYOU.They came together through the shows of choreographer/producer Mary Mc Donagh;some of them had attended her classes since childhood.Now the story can be told, a story of the rollercoaster ride to fame and fortune that started out with six friends in a country town.
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