Jurassic Farts

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Author: P. U. Rippley; Evan Palmer (Illustrator)
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Hard Cover
This follow-up to Farts: A Spotter's Guide and Farts in the Wild takes fart enthusiasts back to the beginning of farts. Starting with the strange animals of the primordial seas in the time before the dinosaurs' reign and taking in the first squishy creatures to venture (and fart) on land, the book offers a tongue-in-cheek look and listen at prehistoric farts and the origin (and demise) of the dinosaurs. Stegosaurus furiously fanning away the gas with the plates on its back, Velociraptors and their flatulence-through-feathers, Archeopteryx and its first fart-assisted attempts at flying - these and more make an appearance. The culmination is the fartastrophe that brought an end to the Age of Dinosaurs. The audio module provides the soundtrack to ten scenes of fantastic, larger-than-life gas.
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