Journeyings:The Biography Of A Middle-Class Generation 1920-1990

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Author: Janet McCalman
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Across the River Yarra from the flats of Struggletown lie the wooded peaks and gullies where Melbourne's middle class built their homes and schools. Here in the interval between an imperial war and a war for national survival, boys and girls were trained in leadership and service, self-denial and success, piety and sectarianism.40 years on these men and women are afar and asunder and can look back on their life courses. For some the old school tie was a talisman, for others a burden, but the educational experience is sharply etched on all. They speak to us here of anxious certainties that yield to acceptance of difference, yet they affirm a moral code that guided the public and private life of 20th century Australia. Janet McCalman traces their occupational & emotional journeyings with remarkable acuity.

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