Jeffrey Archer

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Author: Michael Crick
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This copy is a hard cover with dust jacket and is in near new condition.'A tale of burning ambition and yearning for power, of financial, political and sexual intrigue, yet also of great compassion and generosity. It sounds like the blurb for one of his novels. It isn't. It is the biography of Jeffrey Archer.' 'This biography sheds new light on Archer's notorious scrapes and investigates the more diverse facets of his career: Archer the policeman and promoter of courses for musclemen; Archer the student who left school with three O-levels and got into Oxford; Archer the TV sports commentator and would-be Hollywood actor. And Crick tackles the question everyone asks: how much of those best-sellers does Archer really write himself?' 'Michael Crick, award-winning Newsnight political reporter, has spent three years burrowing through archives to produce one of the most thoroughly researched books ever written about a British politician. He has interviewed more than a thousand people, including most of Archer's closest friends. Parts of this biography may shock even Lord Archer: the astonishing story of Jeffrey's father - fraudster and impostor; a long-lost brother - also born Jeffrey; and three more half-sisters whom Archer has never met.' 'Jeffrey Archer is the story of a man who came to epitomize the spirit of Thatcherism, who has worked his way back to fame and wealth through sheer hard work. It is an example of just how much one man can achieve with limited talent, but boundless energy, nerve and charm.'

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