Omnibus (Moon, Shrine, Dark, Fluke)

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Author: James Herbert
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Four books in one volume:

Moon: He had fled to the island to escape those chilling glimpses of grotesque and brutal murders but the monster that lurked inside his mind followed, eager to seek him out. . .
Shrine: Alice was a little girl; small, thin, eleven years old and a deaf mute. Then came the vision. Suddenly she could hear, speak and perform miracles. Agent of evil; of corruption and hate that was centuries old. . .
The Dark: It Invaded men's minds, drove them to frenzies of destruction, orgies of murder and mutilation. It was strong enough to take over an entire city. Too powerful to be destroyed. It was the dark. . .
Fluke: He was a puppy; Different from other dogs. Different from other animals. The men called him Fluke and that was apt. from Fluke was a man, with a man's feeling and intelligence trapped inside the body of a dog. . .
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