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1980 First Folio Edition.    FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1954

Publisher – The Folio Society, London.

Cover is 1/8 hard bound in brown cloth blocked with paper sides printed with a design by Sophie McCarthy. Excellent condition.
Slip Cover is present.  Medium green card.  Minor small black stains on back.  Very good condition.
End Papers
are intact.  Inside front and back covers are medium green.
Preliminaries – Colour Frontispiece, List of Contents, List of Illustrations, ‘Remembering Elizabeth David’, Dedication, Author’s Introductions, Acknowledgements Notes to 1971 and 1977 reprints.
Main Text Body - 273 Pages.
Fine and Clean.  Full colour illustrations throughout by Sophie MacCarthy.  First published by Macdonald in 1954, Penguin publshed a revised edition in 1963 with further revisions in 1969 and 1977,   The text of this edition follows that of the 1977 edition with minor emendations.  Published by arrangement with Jill Norman and the Estate of Elizabeth David.

End Matters – Index.
Edges are even and unworn. 
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.  Gilt lettering.
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

What is so absolutely marvellous about Elizabeth David’s books is that, apart from being beautifully written, they are full of relevant historical information allied to inspirational recipes.  They really make you want to cook because they make you hungry.  They are books that make you sit up in bed at night licking your lips and not wanting to put the light out.  This is definitely one of those books.

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