Into the Fire

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Author: Pam Harvey; Michael Panckridge

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Gabby and Ling are in the library, where the Hidden Treasures exhibition is about to open. Country Fire Authority personnel arrive to clear the building and a theft is discovered: a priceless Viking brooch has been taken. In the panic, Gabby goes missing. Where is she? Who stole the treasure? Hannah and Sean are alone at home as the fire hurtles towards town. Together, they make their way to the safety of the Community Centre, where they find Ling. The girls escape to search for Gabby. Sean plans a rescue mission of his own. Angus and his dad battle to move horses from the racecourse to safety. His father is injured and Angus bravely saves him from being burnt. Then a horse bolts towards the mountains, and Angus is determined to get it back.E.D. and his family are preparing to defend their home from the bushfire when he spots a dark figure among the smoke. He takes his quadbike and goes to investigate ... Action. Danger. Mystery. Can the friends beat the flames?
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