Infomaniac: Become an Expert in an Hour

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Author: Parragon Publishing
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Hard Cover

Infomaniac is the perfect companion for the fact-hungry individual of any age! Delve between the covers to find information that will amaze and impress your friends. But this is no ordinary, stuffy reference book: Bite-sized facts cover the colorful, engaging pages and are grouped by topic--perfect for reading up on a particular subject or for opening the book at random and learning something new! Organized into four main sections, this book has more than 4,500 facts on everything! - Science & Inventions: Everything from the universe to technology to the human body - Wings, Wheels & Rails: All forms of transportation, including related infrastructure and the future of travel - Crime & Punishment: Everything concerning laws, law enforcement and law-breakers - War & Battles: The numbers, the leaders, the weapons, the history, the future and more After reading this book, you will definitely be an Infomaniac!

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