In Still and Stormy Waters

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Author: Reay Tannahill
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Hard Cover

Two women, born to different worlds, tied unknowingly by blood - and locked in bitter rivalry for the Highland estate, and the man they both lay claim to...

Sophie - wilful, entrancing toast of exotic Hong Kong blissfully immune to the deceitful deals, clash of cultures, and growing menace of the opium trade that threaten her beloved city.

Rachel - subtle and stubborn, plucked from the slums of Victorian London to a new life and status in the remote Scottish castle of Juran - then faced with the loss of what has become her obsession.

Ranier Blake - clever, manipulative banker with interests in Scotland and Hong Kong - and in both women. And Blake alone knows the tangled history of Rachel, Sophie and Juran...

From vivid Hong Kong to Scotland's stormy west coast, the two women play out their passions against a background of intrigue and violence. But only one can win what they both so desire...

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