If Only They Could Talk, and 5 other titles

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Author: James Herriot
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Six books in one from the famous vet/writer, James Herriot (pseud.), writing of his experiences working on the beautiful Yorkshire moors as assistant vet at the Darrowby practice. Time to meet yet more unwilling patients and a rich cast of supporting owners. Full of hilarious tales of his unpredictable boss Siegfreid Farnon, his charming student brother Tristan, the joys of spring lambing, a vicious cat called Boris and James' jinxed courtship of the lovely Helen, this collection of memoirs is sure to delight hardened fans and new readers of James Herriot titles alike. Contains If Only They Could Talk; It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet; Let Sleeping Vets Lie; Vet in Harness; Vets Might Fly; and Vet in a Spin.

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