Ideas Man

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Author: Sheridan Simove

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Sheridan "Shed" Simove is a modern-day creative genius. He lives and breathes ideas. Every day of his life dozens of new concepts spring from his astonishingly active mind. The ideas can be for new TV shows, ranges of sweets, executive toys, greeting cards, money-making schemes, or just about anything else you care to imagine. And if something has never been done before, Shed is all the more likely to attempt it. Ideas Man is the true story of this visionary maverick’s amazing adventures. At breakneck speed, Shed describes how dozens of his ideas came to be, how they succeeded or (sometimes) disastrously failed. He tells of his range of adult sweets called "Clitoris Allsorts," the groundbreaking fly-on-the-wall documentary that involved him going undercover as a sixteen-year-old schoolboy when he was thirty and the launch of his own currency--the EGO. Ideas Man is a unique book written by an extraordinary character. A hilarious and inspirational real-life tale of eccentricity and enthusiasm, it’s perfect for anyone who’s ever had a dream and wondered what to do about it. Shed is living proof that you really can make it happen.
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