How to Succeed in the Game of Life

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Author: Christian Klemash
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Hard Cover
What would legendary Boston Celtics coach and 16-time NBA champion Red Auerbach say is the most critical quality for a person to be successful? Would his advice differ from 10-time NCAA championship coach John Wooden's? What would each say to a young person just starting out in pursuit of their dreams? What is the best advice they were ever given?It took author Christian Klemash more than two years of research, persistence, and original interviews, but now he's ready to pass on the best advice you'll ever get. Only the rare individual has had the opportunity to pick the brain of just one legendary sports coach—let alone thirty-four of the best sports coaches of all time. Klemash gives sports fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn valuable life lessons from the most famous, intelligent, and victorious coaches ever. The legends span the sports world, from gold medal-winning gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi and three-time college football championship coach Tom Osborne to four-time World Series-winning baseball manager Joe Torre and hall-of-fame boxing trainer Angelo Dundee.These coaches know how to teach top athletes about character and winning, how to manage pressure at crunch time, and how to bring out the best in their players when it matters most.How to Succeed in the Game of Life sharestheir insights into sports, life, and the most vital keys to sustain success.Featuring Exclusive Interviews with:Red Auerbach, 16-time NBA World ChampionBobby Bowden, College Football's All-Time Winningest Coach, 2-time National ChampionScotty Bowman, 9-time Stanley Cup ChampionBill Cowher, Super Bowl ChampionTony Dungy, Super Bowl ChampionDan Gable, 15-time NCCA ChampionApril Heinrichs, Gold Medal Winning Coach of the U.S. Women’s Soccer TeamBela Karolyi, The World’s Greatest Gymnastics CoachBill Parcells, 2-time Super Bowl ChampionEmanuel Steward, Boxing Trainer of 30 World ChampionsJoe Torre, 4-time World Series ChampionBill Walsh, 3-time Super Bowl ChampionLenny Wilkens, NBA’s All-Time Winningest Coach, NBA ChampionJohn Wooden, 10-time NCAA ChampionAnd More!  
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