How to Seduce a Ghost

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Author: Hope McIntyre

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Although she loves her boyfriend Tommy, Lee is suffering from commitment phobia because, as a ghost-writer, she values her privacy above all elseand she can't bear his mess. At the same time, though, she doesn't really like living alone in her big, creaky old house in Notting Hill. But whilst Lee tries to remain in denial about the state of her crumbling home, a neighbour is suddenly killed in a fire, and it looks like arson. Lee's latest commission, ghosting the autobiography soap opera star, seems to offer her an escape from her problems at home. Until she meets her subject's smoulderingly sexy manager, and finds herself compulsively attracted to him. But then Lee is drawn into a murder investigation as there is a second fire and another murder closer to home. As her home deteriorates further and her precious privacy comes under increasing pressure from all sides, could it be that Lee herself is in danger?

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