How Art Made the World

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Author: Nigel Spivey
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Ambitious in scale and far-reaching in scope, How Art Made the World is a fresh introduction to the history of art and, throuhgh the visual image, the history of humankind. 

Embarking with the motto 'Everyone is an artist', Nigel Spivey takes us on a quest to find out when and how we humans acquired and then exploited our unique capacity for symbolic representation. Nigel Spivey takes us on a journey that also reveals how art has been used as a means of mass persuasion, essential to the creation of hierarchical societies, and finally, the extent to which art has served as a mode of 'terror management' in the face of our inevitable death. 

Packed with new insights into ancient wonders and fascinating stories from all around the globe, this book is a compelling account of how humans made art and how art makes us human. 
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