Hidden Queensland

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Author: Julianne Schultz (Editor)
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Exploring the most remarkable transition in Australian political history: the people, the politics, the policies behind it and the lingering impact of secrets. The election of the Rudd Government signals a momentous change in Australia: real political power moved north for the first time. Modern Queensland is a product of its past as well as the profound transformation and rapid population increase of the past two decades and this issue explains how it happened and what it means. Hidden Queensland will also tease out the state's secrets and the underlying issues that have shaped it and left an indelible legacy on the nation. Prime Minister Rudd said, 'You can take the boy out of Nambour, but not Nambour out of the boy.' This is a truism which is evident in the work of many of Australia's greatest writers and artists. Hidden Queensland features many of them. All these issues and more are explored in a mix of essays, memoirs and stories that deal with the big issues in a way that is personal, political and (un)predictable but always engaging and readable.

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