Her Christmas Undoing

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Author: Gail Ranstrom
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The Rake's Revenge 

Rob McHugh had survived an agonizing ordeal in foreign climes only to discover his family's tragedy was rooted in British soil. For a terrible irony revealed that Afton Lovejoy, his beautiful English rose, had dangerous thorns -- and was, in fact, the very woman he'd sworn to destroy! Her beloved aunt had been murdered, forcing Afton to masquerade as fortune-teller to the ton to find the killer. What she found, however, was a dangerous, heady mix of intrigue and desire -- for Rob McHugh, notorious womanizer, had roused her passions...and her suspicions!

A Christmas Secret

Miss Charity Wardlow was anticipating a marriage proposal from her intended while attending a beautiful Christmas wedding. Yet when Sir Andrew MacGregor arrived at the manor, Charity's expectations took a different turn. Now, she wanted no one else to claim her hand unless it was the handsome Scotsman with the sensual smile...

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