Heidi Klum's Body of Knowledge

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Author: Heidi Klum; Alexandra S. Postman
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Hard Cover
Heidi Klum is one of the most famous supermodels in the world, but it took a lot more than above-average looks to get there. Growing up in a small town in Germany certainly didn’t prepare her for superstardom. After winning a national modeling contest she had entered on a lark, Heidi spent the next two years trying to catch a break in a business dominated by skinny waifs and big egos. Ignoring the skeptics and naysayers, at nineteen, she hopped a plane to the United States, where she tirelessly (and always optimistically) posed, strutted, networked, and laughed her way to the top. Heidi learned a lot on the road to becoming a cultural icon—and fortunately she took notes along the way. In this funny, dishy, and highly practical book, she shares the secrets behind her success and shows how anyone can achieve their goals in work, love, and life: 

  •  Pursue success long after any sane person would have given up.
  •  Persuade others you have the chops to do whatever it is you’re going for.
  •  Make people see you as you want to be seen • Find your own unique style.
  •  Create a strong, healthy body.

  •   Tap into your seductive side.

  •   Broaden your horizons by traveling the world.
Have a blast while it lasts This informative romp is full of gorgeous photos from the top professional photographers in the fashion industry, personal pictures from Heidi’s own scrapbooks, behind-the-scenes stories about the modeling world, and helpful hints for achieving success. With her refreshing candor and effervescent style, Heidi offers dead-on advice that will resonate with anyone who has ever wanted more out of life. Hardcover Edition.
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