Heart of Country Australia Farming Days (2 Stories)

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Author: Joanne Van Os and Patrice Newell ( Authors)
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Hard Cover
 Story One: Outback Heart:

He was already a legend when she met him in the Territory: the tough survivor of two months without shelter or supplies in the harsh northern wilderness, a man who could handle any animal, fix any kind of machinery, talk like a philosopher and tell the funniest yarns. Joanne married the man they called "the original Crocodile Dundee", had his sons, faced the hard times of farming in the bush--- and lived a love affair that would hold fierce joy, triumphs and tragedy.

 Story Two: The River:

For Patrice Newell, the farm of Elmswood in New South Wales is home, and a river runs through it --- a vital source of water for the stock, the crops the olives that Newell and her husband raise on their beloved property. During storm and flood, and in the daunting years of drought, Newell writes a sensitive, vivid record of how the Pages shapes life on the land. Meanwhile she does nor skirt the land questions: how are Australians in turn shaping the waterways, and can get it right?
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