Happy Endings

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Author: Kathy Buchanan
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Happy Endingsis the ultimate book and movie guide for every possible situation. Sometimes it's hard to keep on smiling (and looking fabulous!), because some days things just don't seem to go a gal's way. Any of these sound familiar?- Your boss is making your life a living hell - watchWorking Girl.- You just can't seem to find Mr Right - readPride and Prejudice.- A 'friend' is out to ruin your life - watchMean Girls.- Your family is driving you mad - readAll Families Are Psychotic.- You need a long holiday somewhere glamorous but you've got no cash - watch Lost in Translation.

See, there is a way out of all the doom and gloom - after all, that's why books and movies were invented! Simply pick a story to suit your mood. Then grab a big bowl of popcorn and an even bigger glass of wine, and lose yourself in another world, where life's problems are solved in a few hours and nice girls like us always get their guy . . .sigh!
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