Gus and Wallsy's French Revelation

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Author: Gus Walls; Robert Walls
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Robert Walls had just turned 60. It was time to take stock of his life so far. A successful Australian Rules football playing and coaching career had transformed into an equally successful media career. But it was time for change. Following the sad passing of his first wife, Robert had met someone new. Her name was Julie and for his birthday she had bought him a boxer puppy named Gus. Sensing a need to shake life up a bit, Robert and Julie decided they would leave Australia behind and fulfil a dream of spending a year living in southern France in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. And they would be taking Gus with them. Gus & Wallsy's French Revelation is the story of that French experience, and it's all told from Gus' point of view. It's a unique and highly entertaining account of a beautiful adventure had by a man, woman and their dog.

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