Guardian Angels

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Author: Hazel Whitaker
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This delightful and fascinating book is a guide to how angels interrelate with the world and humankind.

Angels have been a feature of religion and folklore since ancient times. They are known by many names depending on the culture or belief system concerned. But exactly what are angels and how can they be a part of our lives?

Discover why and how angels make themselves known to us and whether or not you have one guardian angle or a team. Learn how to communicate with your guarrdian angel and how to listen ot its advice so that you make the best decisions for your life. Most importantly, learn how to respect your guardian angel so that you can benefit from its guidance and wisdom.

This book will also show you how to distinguish between an angel and a departed loved one, angels in art, literature and film, why children see angels, how your guardian angel helps you in matters of love and much, much more!.


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