Great Letters for Every Occasion

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Author: Rosalie Maggio
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Why devote valuable time and effort to writing correspondence from scratch when you can have all your letters and memos written for you?
Compiled by Rosalie Maggio, a best-selling author and lifelong collector of finely worded communications, Great Letters for Every Occasion gives you hundreds of model letters that you can use "as is" or easily adapt to your needs.

The letters in this book cover every conceivable situation--from sensitive issues to business correspondence to holiday and special events. You'll even find love letters and pen-pal letters. Each is clearly and concisely written, and guaranteed to convey your thoughts in a direct and engaging manner. And each and every one of them is a letter you'll be proud to sign your name to.
Want to write your own letter . . . but need help getting started? Great Letters for Every Occasion provides easy-to-follow writing formulas for 50 different kinds of messages. In addition, the "Getting Started" sections give you a wide variety of opening sentences perfect for getting your thoughts flowing. Scores of inspiring quotations, drawn from great thinkers and writers, are perfect for adding a touch of wisdom or fun to your letters.
Keep this guide handy, and you'll never struggle to put your thoughts into writing again!

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