God's Little Devotional Book , for Men

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Hard Cover

Many people today take vitamins, attempt to eat nutritionally and work out regularly in order to achieve and maintain physical health. The Scriptures tell us a daily "workout" of the spirit is of even greater benefit. In many ways, the book you hold in your hands can be an aid in your spiritual workout session.

As you read this book, ask the Lord to quicken the message of each devotional to your heart and reveal how it might apply to your own life. Then, as you see ways in which the truth of God's eternal principles relate to a particular situation, problem or opportunity that you face... act on what it is that you know to do, based on God's Word!

These devotional will open you mind, spark creative new ideas, strengthen your spirit and enrich your life. Then, as you allow the Lord to help you "live out" His commandments and promises on a daily basis, His Word will come alive in your heart.

We suggest you keep this book open by your nightstand or on a corner of your desk, so you can be reminded of key quotes and Scripture references throughout the day!

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