God Doesnt Shoot Craps

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Author: Richard Armstrong
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What can advertising scams, dice systems and topless dancers teach us about the nature of the universe? Read God Doesn't Shoot Craps and find out... A wildly entertaining yarn that will have you laughing out loud and pondering the eternal mysteries at the same time.' - Brian Rouff, Dice Angel and Money ShotCan you take two losing outcomes and combine them into a winning system? That's the theory behind Parrando's Paradox, an actual breakthrough in math and physics that just may hold the key to beating the casinos. This hilarious and thoughtful novel follows Danny Pellegrino, a successful junk mail con man content to scam the average Joe. That is, until he sells a 'bogus' craps system through the mail - only to discover, too late, that it really works. Soon, Danny Pellegrino is off to build a fortune without letting the world know about it. But when he discovers that his new formula holds the key to much more than gambling, all bets are off, and even the nature of existence is up for grabs.
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