Glass Tiger

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Author: Joe Gores
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Hard Cover

On the night Gustave Wallberg is elected president of the United States, Halden Corwin murders his own daughter and her husband and disappears. Driven by nightmares and memories of what happened over forty years ago in Vietnam, Corwin's next target is the new President.Brendan Thorne, ex-Ranger, ex-sniper for a CIA front in Colombia, has foresworn violence and is living in Kenyawhen the FBI deports him back to the United States. They want him to track Corwin down. But Thorne won't have to kill anyone; a crack FBI team will take care of that. But when the plan doesn't go as described, Thorne discovers he can't trust anyone or anything he's been told.Drawn into a web of lies, ambitions, and double-crosses, Thorne must run for his life and, ultimately, stand and fight

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