Get a Great Job When You Don't Have a Job

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Author: Marky Stein
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Land the job of your dreams--even in the toughest of markets!

In the modern-day job market, simply answering ads with a cover letter and résuméjust doesn't cut it. You need to cover all the bases. You need to strategize.

This compendium from bestselling career guru Marky Stein is your road map togetting the job you want. Get a Great Job When You Don't Have a Job breaks theprocess down into three easy parts, each covering a single, critical aspect of asuccessful job search:

Fearless Résumés
Hook employers with a vibrant self-presentation . . .

Fearless Interviewing
Dazzle interviewers within the first minute . . .

Fearless Career Change
Make big decisions with care and confidence . . .

This all-inclusive, no-nonsense job-search program is exactly what you need tosucceed in any type of market.

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