Garden of a Lifetime

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Author: Anne Latreille
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Hard Cover

Almost 80 years ago, Keith Murdoch gave his young bride a wedding present that would be of very special significance throughout the intervening years, a small grazing property on the outskirts of Melbourne. They called it Cruden Farm, and it was here that their family grew up and the garden evolved. A born gardener, with a practical "hands-on" approach, an eye for beauty, and a passion for trees and flowers, Dame Elisabeth called it her "Garden of a Lifetime".Edna Walling's late 1920s plans for the circular lawn, walled gardens and world-renowned sweeping avenue of lemon-scented eucalypts were implemented in the 1930s when some of the majestic trees, like the huge oaks and elms that form the structure of the garden, were planted. Dame Elisabeth then created the silver and white borders extending from the house and later, assisted by Michael Morrison, developed the "Cottage Garden", the "Garden for Homeless Plants", and the spectacular floral "Picking Garden".This beautifully colour-illustrated book traces the history of the garden's creation and guides the reader around its spectacular features, while entries for the months of the year give practical hints on upkeep.This commemorative edition includes a foreword by Dame Elisabeth's daughter Janet Calvert-Jones and granddaughter Penny Fowler.

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