Fuel For The Flame

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Author: Alec Waugh
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Hard Cover

1960 First Great Britain Edition.    
 - Cassell - London..
Cover is hard bound with scarlet cloth. Excellent condition.
Dust Jacket is present.  Minor edbge-wear.  Good condition.
End Papers are intact.
Preliminaries -  Author's Note..
Main Text Body : 486 Pages.    Fine and clean.

Edges are even and unworn.
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.  Gilt lettering.  
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

An imaginary island on the Equator has suddenly achieved importance through the discovery of oil. At one end of this island is the oil refinery where the members of the staff live in constant proximity to one another. The men are goaded by ambitions for power, while the women are drawn into affairs of love and passion. At the other end of the island is a British diplomat attempting to retain the island under Britain's sphere of influence. An ailing king is fearful of being succeeded by a young and untrained prince and a nationalist group is plotting to overthrow the monarchy and seize the oil fields.  Waugh handles brilliantly his political plots, but has always interwoven with them are the personal dramas of love and fear, of cowardice and courage.

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