From Here to Paternity

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Author: Sacha Molitorisz
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In 'From Here to Paternity', journalist Sacha Molitorisz examines what it means to become a father.Sacha provides a brief history of fatherhood, explores the rites and rituals of dads in other cultures and debunks the myth that Australia is enjoying a baby boom. Further, he investigates more hush-hush aspects of paternity, including the taboo of sex during pregnancy (and the drought of sex after childbirth), the jealousy fathers can feel towards their babies and the prevalence of post-natal depression in men.Weaving in his own story, Sacha explores the ins and outs of conception (metaphorically speaking), the ups and downs of pregnancy and the despair and elation of the labour ward. He then tries to avoid changing nappies and wiping up vomit by writing about changing nappies and wiping up vomit. No such luck. It's the trauma and bliss of newfound fatherhood in all its technicolour glory.......Sacha Molitorisz has worked as a reporter and features writer at the Sydney Morning Herald since 1994, where he now writes about films, TV and anything else that doesn't require much effort. Since October 2006, he has also been writing a blog about fatherhood for, called Who's Your Daddy.

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