French Trysts

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Author: Kirsten Lobe
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Paris is sexy, sinful romantic playground - and what could be more thrilling than to be an American girl let loose in the City of Light? Alexandra Ward is a Sorbonne student with a fabulous French boyfriend who's just gone AWOL and a growing love affair with all things Parisian. She realizes her new life a la francaise feels entirely like playacting - in a good way. But what happen when a playful flirtation with the CEO of an international luxury goods conglomerate turns into more than a dejeuner at the ritz - like diving for canary diamonds in the famed Ritz swimming pool.
And when that same master of the monde asks Alexandra to be something more than a date and something, well, different than a girlfriend.
French Trysts is a novel about slipping into a new life like it's a couture dress, about the thrill of seeing what really goes on behind the gated hotels particuliers of the rich and famous Bon Ton de Paris, and about the power of sex and the redemption of true romance. 
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