Fly: True Stories of Courage and Adventure From the Airmen of World War 11

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Author: Michael Veitch
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'You were there to fight a war. You were there to kill as many people as you could. You were there to do as much damage as you could. You were there to do all the things that horrify you as you look back.'

All over the world during World War II, thousands of young men who had never so much 0.760as been near an aeroplane left offices, farms and classrooms to learn to fly and fight in the greatest conflict the world has ever seen.

They fought over deserts, cities and jungles as single-engine fighter pilots, in heavy bombers as navigators, gunners and bomb-aimers, or as wireless operators in transport planes and flying boats. How do they feel about their dramatic days in the air? What is it they remember, and what do they choose to forget?

In these candid and moving stories, Michael Veitch, writer, broadcaster and aeroplane fanatic, uncovers some of the untold stories from the airmen of World War II- Australian, British and even German.

He captures the events that defined a generation of men before these stories are lost forever. Flyis a tribute to these airmen - and their fellow warriors, both friend and foe.

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