Flight of Burl Crow

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Author: Tim Wynne-Jones
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'.a remarkable thing has happened. A boy has stumbled out of the woods. I call him a wild child' ;
Pushed beyond endurance by his brutish father, Burl Crow strikes out alone into the wilderness. Heading north by north west, he is drawn by the memory of a helicopter with a strange cargo, and by distant strains of music. What he finds is a small piece of paradise, an eccentric musician who also craves peace, and an uneasy friendship that will change his life for ever. Described by critics as 'a brilliant piece of writing' and 'a brave, risk-taking success' with 'one of the most powerful heroes in young adult literature', this extraordinary story, dull of danger, courage, music and compassion, won Tim Wynne-Jones his second Governor General's Award, Canada's highest literary prize.
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