Fine Wine and a Mid Life Crisis

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Author: Tara Freeman
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The story of one woman in today's world who reveals insights into her life as she approaches her fortieth year.About to turn forty, Tara Freeman asks herself: Where have all the years gone? Who am I? I'm a wife and a mother, but have I lost my true identity in those roles? Am I still the person I used to be? Am I still the person I think I am?

In a funny, feisty and totally forthright memoir that many women will identify with, Tara Freeman tells us what it really means to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse, and retailer, and how all the different parts of her life have shaped her character. With startling honesty, she reveals what it feels like to lose her sense of self while coping with the challenges of everyday life.

Tara Freeman has lived her whole life in a small town in Far North Queensland, a fact that has come with its fair share of obstacles. With refreshingly irreverent humour, she takes readers on a journey of life as a modern woman in today's world, which includes the good, the bad and the funny side of being female. Fine Wine and a MidLife Crisis will enrich the lives of many women, particularly those who, like Tara, are also approaching this significant milestone in their lives.
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