Fidel Castro

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Author: Luciano Garibaldi; Valeria Manferto De Fabianis
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Hard Cover
Fidel Castro has been one of the most fascinating figures of contemporary history, besides being one of the pillars in that fraught bipolar world which , in uneasy equilibrium between the Western and socialist blocks, followed the pain and misery of the Second World War.A statesman and dictator, he was coveted by writers, journalists and photographers.He put world peace to great risk by allowing the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba. He was able to develop education and health to the point that in 2004 UNESCO noted that Cuba had one of the highest basic education levels in the America's.Even though now put under a different perspective (especially after the fall of communism), his anti-capitalism and anti-American position has never softened. Indeed, during most critical period of his illness, he did not hesitate to write a harsh article against George Bush on the newspaper Granma, in which he accused Bush of "wanting the death of three and a half billion human beings."   
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