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Author: George Birdsall
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Do you want to improve the feel of your home or business?
Would you like to create more balance and harmony in your life?
Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, can help you to achieve the goals.
Feng Shui, a cross between an art and a science (it is also known as Chinese Geomancy) has its origins in early Chinese civilisation. It is based on the age-old belief that our lives or work are pragmatically and mystically linked to our environment.
The underlying premise of Feng Shui is that the places where you live or work influence the health, wealth, career, relationship and fame aspects of your life. When you make even a few elementary alterations based on Feng Shui concepts, positive 'coincidences' happen.
Feng Shui solutions range from the placement  of furniture and decorative items, to the balancing of room shapes, choice of colours and plants, and the siting of buildings in the external environment.
This book explains, in 'Plain English', some basic Feng Shui concepts that have been applied successfully for thousands of years to increase people's comfort, harmony and good fortune-at home and in the workplace. It shows how Feng Shui can be adapted and applied wisely, with confidence and humour, in a modern western society.
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