Fed Up!

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Author: Wendy Oliver-Pyatt
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1. Are you afraid to be in the same room with chocolate chip cookies (or eaten all of the chocolate chips before they could ever be made into cookies)? 2. Ever skipped dinner to make up for the cheesecake you had at lunch? 3. Have you tried living on Slim Fast for the two weeks before that reunion or wedding? 4. Do you know the Weight Watchers points for every food on a fast food menu? And We're Surprised We Don't Lose Weight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for you to get Fed Up Let's face it. We would all like to be inspired by the other weight-loss books on the market, but we are going to have to fess up to the real problem. We can't rely on I'll start tomorrow for the rest of our lives. Diets don't work. We know that. But why? Always be smarter than our diets. But our minds control our bodies, so it's all about reprogramming - wisdom we shouldn't roll our eyes at. Other books are written by doctors who think they've found the cure-all to weight-loss. But none are as experienced or personally invested in the Fed Up revolution than Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt. And for serious dieters, a doctor who empathizes And gives medically sound advice scores points. Oliver-Pyatt suffered from an eating disorder for several years and made all of the mistakes in dieting that we all do. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt saved herself and now she's saving others with her 10 simple steps that have nothing to do with carb counting, point counting, ab rolling, juicing, or daily weigh-ins. Yes, and you will still lose weight
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