Feast of Fools

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Author: John D. Morley
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover
In the tradition of writers including Italo Calvino, Milan Kundera, and A. S. Byatt comes this brilliant new novel of the highest literary distinction - a work that mines the vitality and anguish of a modern city in the way that James Joyce portrayed Dublin or Victor Hugo brought the labyrinth of Paris alive. Here internationally acclaimed author John David Morley has turned his prodigious talent on present-day Munich. Exuberant, erotic, and shimmering in its display of virtuosic language, The Feast of Fools evokes the ironies, the burlesque comedies and the heartache of a city caught in the whirling frenzy of its winter carnival season. With the haunting Greek myth of Persephone ingeniously imposed as an overlay, a mesmerizing tapestry of a tale emerges.
                                                                      From the book's dust jacket
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