Fast Food and No Play Makes Jack a Fat Boy

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Author: Andy Griffiths; Jim Thomson; Sophie Blackmore
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Meet Jack. Jack is an ordinary boy who lives in an ordinary house in an ordinary Australian suburb. Like many children, Jack likes playing computer games, watching television and eating take-away food. Jack is also seriously overweight. But this doesn't make him any less ordinary. Presently 25 per cent of Australian children are seriously overweight and, if current trends continue, this figure is predicted to rise to 40 percent by the year 2020.Through a series of involving and extremely funny fictional monologues, bestselling children's author Andy Griffiths brings Jack's world alive, highlighting the issues, challenges and struggles that Jack and his parents face as they attempt to create a healthier lifestyle in an environment where the over-consumption of calorie-dense foods and a lack of exercise has become the norm. Supplemented with practical advice from both a personal trainer and a nutritionist, this book provides concerned parents with an invaluable resource for creating a healthier, more vital life for both their children and themselves.This is a book that parents can-and should-read themselves, but it's also a story that they can share directly with their children. Andy's track record and fan base give him real credibility among children, and in Jack's story we have the perfect parable for parents and children alike.

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