Eye Contact

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Author: Cammie McGovern
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When the body of a young girl is found in the woods adjoining a local elementary school, the small community rally around the only witness to the killing a nine year old boy with autism. As Adam threatens to regress, withdrawing into the silent and unresponsive world of his early childhood, his mother, Cara, desperately searches for a way to draw him back. She enlists the help of Morgan, a troubled twelve year old who has his own reasons for establishing a friendship with Adam, and together they set out to discover what Adam has seen but is seemingly unable to tell. For Cara, this is not simply a matter of protecting her son from further harm. To the police detectives investigating the case and the teachers in whom she places her trust, Cara is determined to prove that, in his own way, Adam is as capable of making connections as any other child. As she moves dangerously close to exposing the truth, Cara is forced to confront her own past and begins to fear that by trying to protect the people she loves, she has made their worlds more dangerous.
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