Everyone and Phar Lap

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Author: Peter FitzSimons
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Hard Cover
Peter FitzSimons has been described as Australia's finest sports writer. Everyone and Phar Lap is a humourous, insightful and engaging collection of what FitzSimons calls "sportraits", profiles of our sporting greats.
FitzSimons turns his razor-sharp sights on a veritable who's who of sporting heroes from the last 150 years- and others who will seize our hearts and imaginations in the years to come: from Victor Trumper, Sir Donald Bradman, Roy Cazaly, Phar Lap and Mark Edmondson to John Bertrand, Duncan Armstrong, Ian Roberts, Zoe Goss, Shane Warne and Heather Turland.
If you have ever cheered an Aussie home, or shed a tear after an Australian victory or defeat, Everyone and Phar Lap is for you.
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