European Cities

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Author: Juliet Kinsman (Editor); Sophie Dening (Editor)
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Inspirational and informative, this volume uncovers the sexiest, most stylish hotels in Europe, from romantic hideaways in Florence and Paris and boutique retreats in Stockholm and Barcelona, to chic destinations in Tallinn and Hamburg. Along with evocative photographs and genuine, descriptive reviews, essential information is provided on the best local restaurants and bars, cultural events, top shopping locals, and even the most breathtaking views in town. Practicalities are covered, and a diary details what’s going on when in each city. Esteemed reviewers provide honest and descriptive accounts that cover every detail, from the softness of the bed linen to where to find the finest cocktails in town. An exclusive membership card is also provided, entitling holders to upgrades, discounts, and other exciting extras.

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