Eastern Islands, Southern Seas

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Author: NAPIER, William, GILBERT, John, & HOLLAND, Julian.
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Hard Cover
In the 1400's and early 1500's, the mists of fear and superstition that had for so long shrouded Europe finally lifted. Slowly at first, but in increasingly faster, the peoples of Europe began to learn about the world. A sea route was found to India, the Americas were discovered and, when Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the globe, the earth was conclusively proved to be a sphere. Now, based on these general outlines, the true geography of the world would be established. as time passed, the continents, seas and islands would all be revealed.
This book tells the story of the East Indies and the Pacific, of the discovery of Australia, and of how it was explored. The first part deals with the Indies and the European struggle for the spice trade, also reports the first European voyages to India, China, and Japan. it tells of the adventurous merchants who made these first exciting voyages, and by whose efforts European knowledge of the East was won.
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