Dr Harold Wood : A Notable Methodist

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Author: Ian Breward
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Harold Wood (1896-1989) - Methodist minister, educator, hymnologist, ecumentist, author - was one of the most celebrated churchmen of his generation whose life story spans the significant years of Protestant Church history in Australia in the twentieth century. Born into a Salvation Army family, constantly moving from citadel to citadel across the Eastern States, he was eventually ordained a Methodist minister and sent to Tonga where he developed exceptional skills in education and leadership. He was Principal of Methodist Ladies College in Kew, Melbourne, from 1938 until 1966, a period of extraordinary growth in the history of the College. He was President-General of the Methodist Church and active in the movement towards the establishment of the Uniting Church in Australia in 1977. His final ministry was St Paul's Uniting Church in Deepdene. This new biography traces his life and work in the context of family, school and church. It recalls his skills as teacher and preacher, author and musician, theologian and visionary. It records his life as husband and father, his commitment to the missionary activity of the churches, his attention to prayer and devotion, his deep concern for the teachers and ministers in his care, his wise advice, his sound judgment, his measured counsel. This was no ordinary life, but one notable for many things - above all faithful following of the Methodist tradition he embraced and loved. 

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