Disney Collection (3 Books)

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Hard Cover

1. Frozen - When the majestic kingdom of Arendelle becomes trapped in an eternal winter, it's up to Anna to save the day. Can she battle the elements, find her elder sister, Elisa, and put an end to the icy spell? Read aloud and bring the story to life!

2. Zootopia - Zootopia is the city where anyone can be anything, and Judy Hopps, a rabbit from the suburbs, wants to be a real cop in the ZPD. In order to prove herself to the            Chief, Officer Hopps takes on an important case, enlisting the help of a fox called Nick Wilde. Can the unlikely pair overcome adversity and solve the missing-mammal mystery?          Read aloud and bring the story to life!

3. Brother Bear - Discover the secrets of Brother Bear in this enchanting tale from Walt Disney. In this read aloud storybook, containing beautiful artwork, you can recreate              the classic tale and share it with all your friends and family. Read aloud and bring the story to life!

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