Dirty Dozen: Reloaded

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Author: Paul Anderson
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Dirty Dozen: Reloaded is the latest instalment in the well-established Dirty Dozen true crime series. Twelve of the most violent and intriguing cases from across the country are detailed here in gruesome, grisly detail. Paul Anderson's position over the last 12 years as Herald Sun crime reporter gives him the sources and the information on both sides to make this a truly insider's account.

Reloaded contains the latest stories from the Melbourne underworld, and provides an uncut account of how Tony Mokbel û aka fat Tony û ran Melbourne's gangland war. Also included in chilling detail are insider accounts of: the kidnapping of baby Montana kidnapping; how and why Mad Max Marinof opened fire on the police; the mystery surrounding the death of school teacher and dominatrix Anita Lesser; and the story of a wheelchair-bound, drug lord who used his genius for evil instead of good. Previously unseen and confidential material is threaded through each of the twelve stories.

The Dirty Dozen series is for everyone who is fascinated by true crime, and provides insights into the investigations, the psyche of the criminals, and the minds of the investigators who have dedicated their lives to chasing justice and protecting the public.

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