Different Strokes

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Author: Mona Vold
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Hard Cover

For as long as golf has been played, it has been played in roughly equal measure by men and women. Yet in America, when we tell the history of golf over the last century, we tell the tales of great men who have made golf a sport rife with legends. But for every Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, or Jack Nicklaus that has come along to inspire us with his accomplishments, there has also been a Betty Jameson, Wiffi Smith, Polly Riley, or Kathy Whitworth to amaze us and help us understand all that is great in the game of golf.

Until now, however, the stories of those women who have contributed to the aura of the sport with their words, wit, and wisdom have largelygone untold. But in "Different Strokes," Mona Vold -- for the first time -- takes the reader on an unparalleled journey to the very soul of golf

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