Debt Man Walking

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Author: Bruce Brammall
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The key to wealth is... a four-letter word.

Debt, growth assets and time are the perfect ingredientsfor Generation X to create real wealth.

If you were born in the '60s or '70s, remember Billy RayCyrus,  BMX Bandits, Sony Walkmans, the fall of the BerlinWall,  'Who Shot JR?', the dot-eating Pac-Man --and you're  wondering how any of that could improve your financial  position -- then this book is wa-a-ay overdue. Debt Man Walking will have you marching to a different financial  beat, because Gen X's money needs are distinctive. Inside this  book you'll discover:

  • how to maximise your opportunities using investment debt
  • that there are actually three types of debt: dumb, okay and great
  • that your 'relative' youth + diversification =wealth
  • how you can double your super nest egg in 15 minutes
  • why life as a Gen Xer is an excellent adventure ... dude.
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