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Author: edited by Roland Arvidssen & Katri Hilden
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Hard Cover
Every date in our calendar is remembered for something. Pick any given day and you'll find it commemorates notable events in history and popular culture, anniversaries of birthdays and deaths as well as holidays, festivals and significant days. Open Dateline at any page for a snapshot of that day over the past 100 years or so, particularly from a social-history perspective.
A comprehensive introduction details the evolution of the calendar and how the 365-day year came about, while the twelve chapters introduce each month of the year, explaining the significance of each, the meaning of the name and how it evolved, and the associations each month holds in myth, religion, and celebration.
At the back of the book is a chronology of notable events from the last 100 years, and lists of some of our "top 20" people, places, and events. 
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