Darkling I Listen

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Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
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Haunted by the malicious rumours that destroyed his acting career, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle returns to his hometown of Ticky Creek, Texas. Here he hopes to escape. From the obsessed stalker who calls herself Anticipating, and her disturbing, threatening letters. From memories of the scandal that sent him to jail. From the sorrow and shame of being a bright star that faded too soon. . . But Ticky Creek is no longer the safe haven of Brandon's childhood. Hidden within the town's quaint charm is a lurking, menacing danger. Anticipating is back, and so is a beautiful stranger, Alyson James - whose presence, and camera, threaten to blow open the doors of Brandon's worst nightmares. Brandon knows he shouldn't trust her, but he can't resist her. He isn't quite sure if she's the woman of his dreams - or the woman of his nightmares. But though she could be the one who destroys him, he rests his fate in her hands - and surrenders not only his body but his soul. . .

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